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Each year we serve as a conduit for many organizations and businesses to award Okeechobee High School graduating seniors scholarships. If you provide scholarships for Okeechobee High School students, you have the availability of the services provided by the Education Foundation of Okeechobee in awarding your scholarship(s). Some advantages of utilizing the Foundation are:

  • The Foundation will send you proof of your donation to our Section 501(c)(3) for your tax records. Your tax advisor will help you determine if your contribution to the scholarship program is a gift or a charitable donation according to the IRS guidelines.
  • The Foundation can provide a letter and/or certificate for you to present to your scholarship recipient on Scholarship Night.
  • The Foundation can provide an official transmittal letter of scholarship funds directly to your recipient or the college of his or her choice.
  • The Foundation can manage your continuing scholarships. For instance, if your scholarship can be awarded to the same student in successive years depending on the student’s fulfillment of certain requirements (i.e., grade point average and/or full time attendance), the Foundation can identify and verify such obligations have been met before releasing the funds. The legwork and paperwork are done for you; and of course, you may request updates at any time.

Let us assure you that the money you donate for scholarships through the Education Foundation of Okeechobee will be awarded in your name, or the name of your business, for the recipient selected by your committee.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, thank you so much for supporting the students and their education. For information on how you or your business can support our OHS graduates via the scholarship program please contact Alaina Barron at Alaina@edfoundationofokee.org.